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  2. Dear Serenity Members, I have been working quite hard on a project which has taken a good bit of my personal time and it has been released about 2 weeks ago. as you guys know old serenity hasnt been active in a couple months now and i think its time to move on. Introducing SerenityOSRS, We run on the newest OSRS data and got raids 1 to fully work. Raids 2 Currently under Developement. Vorkath Working. Full Inferno. And soooo much more! Did you Donate to Old Serenity? No worries we got you covered! We refund the players who donated to Serenity! Just shoot me a pm here or on Discord! Sincerly, Bob Wise.
  3. Your Appliciation is under Review
  4. How old are you? :20 How much time can you effort on a daily basis to be online and active? : 4-8 hours on mondays till fridays and 8-16 in the weekends Why do you wanna be a serenity staff member, whats your motivation? : i believe i would make a great addition to the staff team, i feel like i m pretty knowledgeable of the server. i have been an staff member on 2 more servers an in game server support and moderator in both those times i have learned how to handle different situations and how and when to hand out punishments as per the rules ad the situation by hand. i love playing this game and would love to help people experience this game the same way i do an awesome server with great poeple and an great staff team Where are you from? : The Netherlands Timezone : europe CET Country : The Netherlands Do you have discord : yes How is your english? : very good you speak other languages? : dutch and i know my way with google translate if needed
  5. Being worked on thanks for the suggestion. Sincerly Bob,
  6. Dear Serenity Members Its finally here! the Necromancer Boss! This boss is a Donator Zone only Boss and can be found at ::dzone Its a powerfull group boss designed to be a demi hard boss. Sincerly Bob Wise.
  7. Dear Serenity Members, I wanna wish you all a happy new years and a few sweet upcoming days! I hope you all have a blast and be save with fireworks! Sincerly Bob Wise
  8. I agree for the main part but would like to add that maybe you could transfer the points into GP or any other type of points if possible at all.
  9. i think it would also be a good incentive to add crystal keys as a reward for every 2,000 loyalty points you would be able to buy 1 crystal key would be nice to spend our excess points after reaching king title.
  10. Nice guide @prophet
  11. just wear your strongest melee armour and wepond and protect melee and range every so often
  12. I support! He's definitely online frequently and is helpful.
  13. every 30min to an hour there should be like a timer and once the timer is done the player gets a "normal coin box " that gives 10-30million gold this should make new players even more willing to stay longer . this coin box should go directly to bank and would be a stackable item
  14. i think stalls should give only gold instead of stealing an item to change for gold its really annoying for beginning players thats the first thing people who start a server do. and rates should go from 10k to 20k to 30k to 40k to 50k ect. i think this will attract more players to come and stay
  15. Not a bad suggestion. However, the Rock Crabs already drop both the loop and teeth for the key.
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