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    • Bob Wise

      To all Serenity Players   12/07/2018

      Dear Serenity Members,   We have been hit my a internal attack on the server.
      I trusted someone who i thought i could trust and just to find myself waking up to everyone being banned.
      Now i wanna apolagize to each and everyone of you.
      Without you guys there is no serenity.
          Here is a link to rejoin our discord

      Please keep in mind that if you are still banned ingame , or on discord.
      Please send me a private message here to resolve the situation.   Sincerly Bob, And the serenity staff team.
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Bob Wise

Serenity Update Patch 30-11-2018

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Dear serenity members

Here our update log :)

Added js5 support.
Revamped the cache archive.
Added new interface button on spellbook.
Added abyssal tentacle poison damage + weapon stats.
Custom objects are clipped now.
added Clipping support for some maps.
Added custom SXJ models for particle support.
Added evil tree kindling to firemaking skill.
Added 2 new maps ::gamble and ::dzone // TODO - Adding objects and data for donators
Added version control to the client.



Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team


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