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Bob Wise

Serenity's Command List

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Player Commands


::claim - Claims a donation ingame
::shiftdrop - Enables Shift Key dropping
::cw - Teleports you to Castle Wars
::reward #number - Claims a donation ingame
::highscore - Bring your to the online highscores
::gamble - Brings you to the gamble zone
::home - Teleports you to home
::donate - Opens up our donation page
::duel - Teleports you to the duel arena
::wildyskill - Teleports you to wildy skill
::changepassword #newpassword - Changes your current password
::newboss - Teleports your to the new blood reaver boss
::ffa - Joins the free for all pvp lobby (only when a admin starts it)
::kraken - Teleports you to the kraken lair
::maxhit - Shows your characters max hit
::drops - Shows you the npc drop table
::players - Shows the players currently online and some stats
::warriors/::swarriors - teleports you to Serenity Warriors
::edge - Teleports you to edgeville
::varrock - Teleports you to varrock
::lumbridge - Teleports you to lumbridge
::ardy - Teleports you to ardougne
::yanille - Teleports you to yanille
::seers - Teleports you to seers village
::away - Teleports you to the afk spot
::profile #playername - Check the player profile
::skull - Skulls your character
::Droplog - Shows your characters droplog
::answer #answer - Answers the current trivia question
::forum - Opens up a webpage reffering to our forums
::benefits - Opens a page of our donations benefits
::prices - Opens a page of our ingame price guide
::zombie - Teleports you to the zombie minigame
::discord - Opens a link to our discord server
::train - Teleports you to the training area
::setemail #Email - Sets your registered email
::commands - opens this page with ingame commands

Donator Commands



A new donator zone is gonna be released for Super donators be patience please :)





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