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Env1ed's Ironman Goals

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Hey, pretty new to this server (2 hours old in fact) and thought I'd put up some goals. Will have to see how often I update it though...

Red for things I haven't achieved yet, green for those I have, simple :P


- Max Combat (99 attack, strength, defence, prayer, range, mage, hp).

- Maxed account (99 runecrafting, agility, herblore, thieving, crafting, fletching, slayer, hunter, mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, firemaking, woodcutting, farming). 

- Easy Achievements / Medium Achievements / Hard Achievements 

- Obtain every Barrows item

- Obtain Full Void (Mage/Range/Melee)

- Obtain all Dagganoth rings (Berserker, Warrior, Seers, Archers)

- Make a Dragonfire Shield

- Obtain Tanzanite Fang / Magic Fang / Serpentine Visage

- Obtain Dragon Warhammer + Dragon Claws

- Obtain Ranger Boots / Pegasians / Primordials / Eternals (Hopefully not too many smoulderings)

- Obtain all Zenyte Jewelery (Ring/Amulet/Necklace/Bracelet).


Will have to update the list when I actually learn whats on this server :^) Lets see how long this takes.. 

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