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Bob Wise

Serenity Staff Requirements and Templates - Must use!

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Dear Members, 

Being a staff member on serenity means you will have to be active most of the time.
make sure your active on the server and help others out,

or else you spot will be given to others who can effort making time!

some of the requirements

Your 16+ and can be mature.
You know your way around the forums.

You have more then 30 Active posts.
Your english writing is excellent.
You can be active as much as you can.
You have more then 100+ hours ingame.

Due to Owners/Admins discretion we can deny or accept any application as we see fit!

Copy and paste the code below and use it in your appliciation 


How old are you? :
How much time can you effort on a daily basis to be online and active? :
Why do you wanna be a serenity staff member, whats your motivation? : 
Where are you from? : 
Timezone :
Country :
Do you have discord :
How is your english? :
Do you speak other languages? :

Sincerely The Serenity Staff Team, - Bob

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