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    • Bob Wise

      To all Serenity Players   12/07/2018

      Dear Serenity Members,   We have been hit my a internal attack on the server.
      I trusted someone who i thought i could trust and just to find myself waking up to everyone being banned.
      Now i wanna apolagize to each and everyone of you.
      Without you guys there is no serenity.
          Here is a link to rejoin our discord

      Please keep in mind that if you are still banned ingame , or on discord.
      Please send me a private message here to resolve the situation.   Sincerly Bob, And the serenity staff team.

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  1. I agree for the main part but would like to add that maybe you could transfer the points into GP or any other type of points if possible at all.
  2. Hello Everyone. Ive actually been here a few days now but just now made my forums acc so i figured i would say howdy to everyone and hope to see everyone in game and meet new friends. I have actually been playing rsps for years now but after giving up due to repetitive servers or horrible communities but coming back into the scene i stumbled across this one.(thankful for that for sure) always looking forward to meeting new people and just chilling/talking with everyone. Hope everyone has a blessed day!