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  1. Welcome! Hope to see you ingame
  2. Good to see you on the forums, Rebel!
  3. Sweeeeet. Thanks for the updates!
  4. Welcome Jerico! Glad to see you posting, see you in-game!
  5. Sweet! Thank you for the update
  6. Great guide Thanks a lot!
  7. Yeah for sure! Thanks for the welcome. If anyone has anything they want me to give a shot for GFX (Sigs, Avatars, Backgrounds, Wallpaper, etc) let me know, I like a challenge. I can't guarantee an efficient product but the more I practice the better I get
  8. Hello Serenity players! My name is Kipto, but you can just call me Kip. I joined Serenity a day ago and so far I'm loving it! The community is small but the current active playerbase makes it so much worth it, every one is welcoming and generous. A little about me.. I'm 24 years old and currently attending community college to earn my EMT (Paramedic) certification so I can become an active Paramedic with my local police department. I don't have very many hobbies other than video games, I took some photoshop classes in college so I'm currently working on "leveling up" my GFX skills. It's been nice meeting everyone! If I see you in-game be sure to say hi