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  1. Thanks, were always trying to improve!
  2. Welcome, I'm glad to see a familiar face coming back our way! I really hope you enjoy what we are building!
  3. Hey The Mastha! Welcome to Serenity! I really hope you enjoy your time on our server! -Max
  4. Welcome! I hope we live up to your expectations.
  5. Hey as the title says, I'm Max. I'm a Co-Owner here on Serenity and I am very excited to get the ball rolling! I'm currently living in Chicago with my wife and we are expecting our first baby here soon! I've been apart of the Runescape scene since late 2001, and a part of the RSPS scene since around 2009. I am always willing to chat so feel free to message me on discord or on here. If you need any help or have any suggestions by all means ask! Thanks for reading!