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  1. After 95 you can thieve at runite totem or something for faster xp the last levels, otherwise a very good guide mate!
  2. Keep up the good work!
  3. Hello all, Here's a quick guide on how I got to 99 hunter! First of all, you are going to tap the hunter icon and select "Teleport: Puro Puro". Once there, you'll need to trade the hunting expert and buy the butterfly net including 14 impling jars. Once you've bought them you can start hunting. You're going to train at Puro Puro until you're hunting level reaches 63. The following imps can be caught to reach that level. Level 1: Baby Impling Level 22: Young Impling Level 28: Gourmet Impling Level 36: Earth Impling Level 42: Essence Impling Level 50: Eclectic Impling Level 58: Nature Impling After reaching reaching level 63, you're going to bank/drop the impling jars and buy boxtraps. After you bought the boxtraps you'll need to click on the hunter icon again and tele to Karamja. This is the place where you will catch chinchompas untill you're level 99. My favorite spot is showed in the picture below. Good luck hunting, if i missed anything let me know. PS: selling all the chins to the general store will give you 40m!!!
  4. Keep up! <3
  5. Hello, I'm syferisgrijf! You only find me on rsps. I am 21 years old and I used to play football. Broke my leg so now left with no sports atm. I enjoy a good chat ingame and i'm always willing to help others out. My real name is: Gaëtan (It's french even though i'm Belgian) just call me Syfer lol. Cheers