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  1. How old are you? : 21 How much time can you effort on a daily basis to be online and active? : i can average anywhere between 5-10 hours, over the last 2 days i have produced 12 hours of activeness Why do you wanna be a serenity staff member, whats your motivation? : I know i haven't been on this server long however i feel like i have made a great connection with those of you who have been on this server for a while and already i am donating lots in order to see it progress as i want it too just as much as you all do too! i may not know as much as some of you however i am a very quick learner. Where are you from? : UK Timezone : UK (GMT + 1) this is another advantage i have as i was on for a good 5 hours before any other staff/dedicated players so i would be able to assist the server for this time whilst those of you aren't online. Country : England Do you have discord : Yes How is your english? : Excellent Do you speak other languages? : N/A Thanks for reading. PK