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  1. Thank you Bob!
  2. Thank you Max Thanks to Bob for providing me another opportunity to play. The team of staff and players already seem so nice, so I am in love with it already. The server can always be developed and revamped in time. Its Hairy
  3. Hey I'm Tha Mastha, Great into, hope to see you in game soon. Its Hairy
  4. Hey everyone, I am not really a new player as I used to play the old Serenity from which I was banned. Some of you might know me by the name (unambiguous). Nonetheless, as the server is getting revamped and better; I am back. I am a final year law student, who is constantly under stress and pressure. So, to ease my mind from stress and pressure — I play rsps. I am back on Serenity because it has always met my expectations and always striving to be a better server and I love Bob's for his hard work towards Serenity this makes me want to be a part of Serenity family forever I am pretty chilled and easy going, so if you want to get to know me - hit me up in game! so excited for new Serenity! Hope to see everyone in game.