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  1. Hi there, Im back again with another suggestion, but this time I'm not alone. What about the idea of adding a shop to barrow brothers. The shop will give you points for the duplicates you sell there. Because you always get the stuff you don't need or already have, am I right? With the points you get you can buy the barrow items you need/want to complete your set. If we get a higher playerbase where there will be a steady eco this shop might get irrelevant because you can just trade the items with other players, but for now it will be a great addition to the game I think and so does my fellow player The King think about it. Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments. With kind regards, The King and Tha Mastha
  2. Hey there, Alot of slayer monsters drop herbs, nice right. Ye they drop 3-4 at a time. These drops are unnoted aswell. It would be much more effecient to let these drops be more uncommon, but then you got the drops noted. I think for me it would be worth to pick them up when they are noted. I just want to complete my slayer task aswell quick as possible. And I don't wanna go bank everytime after 5 kills when my inv is full of dropped herbs. Hope that you will do something with this. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. With kind regards, Tha Mastha
  3. hey there, I thought it would be a cool idea to add some super combat potions to the store. And add overloads to the a shop in the donatorzone. And some other food sources (improved for ex. Rocktails) to that shop as will, just to fill it up. I think it would be beneficial for all players. Super combat is a good alternative for overloads. And i think it would make the combat/slayer task a bit faster. Let me know what you think with kind regards, Tha Mastha
  4. Hi there, I'm Tha Mastha, i've played alot of runescape since the beginning. And I started playing rsps's around 2012-2013. You can find me ing under the name: Tha Mastha and find me in the discord aswell. If you are looking for someone to asnwer your questions about this server please look me up in game. I wil answer them to the best of my knowledge Hope to see you around, and thanks for reading, Tha Mastha