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    • Bob Wise

      To all Serenity Players   12/07/2018

      Dear Serenity Members,   We have been hit my a internal attack on the server.
      I trusted someone who i thought i could trust and just to find myself waking up to everyone being banned.
      Now i wanna apolagize to each and everyone of you.
      Without you guys there is no serenity.
          Here is a link to rejoin our discord

      Please keep in mind that if you are still banned ingame , or on discord.
      Please send me a private message here to resolve the situation.   Sincerly Bob, And the serenity staff team.


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Everything posted by prophet

  1. i think it would also be a good incentive to add crystal keys as a reward for every 2,000 loyalty points you would be able to buy 1 crystal key would be nice to spend our excess points after reaching king title.
  2. just wear your strongest melee armour and wepond and protect melee and range every so often
  3. every 30min to an hour there should be like a timer and once the timer is done the player gets a "normal coin box " that gives 10-30million gold this should make new players even more willing to stay longer . this coin box should go directly to bank and would be a stackable item
  4. i think stalls should give only gold instead of stealing an item to change for gold its really annoying for beginning players thats the first thing people who start a server do. and rates should go from 10k to 20k to 30k to 40k to 50k ect. i think this will attract more players to come and stay
  5. i think we should get an area where we kill a certain amount of times a monster and we get a crystal keys 1/50 chance or something like that with a monster thats not strong so beginners can kill it easily.
  6. basically you should add flower poker so we can gamble in the game