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  1. Dear Serenity Members, I have been working quite hard on a project which has taken a good bit of my personal time and it has been released about 2 weeks ago. as you guys know old serenity hasnt been active in a couple months now and i think its time to move on. Introducing SerenityOSRS, We run on the newest OSRS data and got raids 1 to fully work. Raids 2 Currently under Developement. Vorkath Working. Full Inferno. And soooo much more! Did you Donate to Old Serenity? No worries we got you covered! We refund the players who donated to Serenity! Just shoot me a pm here or on Discord! Sincerly, Bob Wise.
  2. Your Appliciation is under Review
  3. Being worked on thanks for the suggestion. Sincerly Bob,
  4. Dear Serenity Members Its finally here! the Necromancer Boss! This boss is a Donator Zone only Boss and can be found at ::dzone Its a powerfull group boss designed to be a demi hard boss. Sincerly Bob Wise.
  5. Dear Serenity Members, I wanna wish you all a happy new years and a few sweet upcoming days! I hope you all have a blast and be save with fireworks! Sincerly Bob Wise
  6. Nice guide @prophet
  7. Dear Serenity Members Here another List of updates that we did We added a buff of the Legendary mystery Box to show you how and what is in it here is some media There for the box price has gone from $5,00 to $10,00 since the items are super buffed! Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  8. Welcome to serenity @Voxedge
  9. Welcome to serenity
  10. Dear Serenity Members Its finally here! the Elite slayer outfit! statistics and requirements You require at least to be maxed in all skills , 100M Slayer exp and 99 slayer to get the full outfit. Talk to the veteran at home and click through the dialogue. You will need a 500M Coints to make this purchase and the "godslayer" title from the loyalty store. you can purchase the "godslayer" title from the loyality title store. when purchased you gain access to the elite slayer outfit. Stats: Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  11. Welcome @rebel marine to Serenity! Enjoy your stay
  12. Dear Serenity Members Here another List of updates that we did We added the new mystery box interface both of these boxes are on the webstore. Fixed pathing its about 50% done but should be alot better afterwards. Building a new Boss for the donator only zone. (surprise until release) Added a bug fix for the red key chest , the bug is fixed now. Added a few activity's at the ::dzone its not finished by a long shot , but now its not empty anymore. Fixed some underlining code and cleaned out most of the old junk. We have a new client available so make sure to download it here. Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
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  14. Welcome to serenity
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