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      To all Serenity Players   12/07/2018

      Dear Serenity Members,   We have been hit my a internal attack on the server.
      I trusted someone who i thought i could trust and just to find myself waking up to everyone being banned.
      Now i wanna apolagize to each and everyone of you.
      Without you guys there is no serenity.
          Here is a link to rejoin our discord

      Please keep in mind that if you are still banned ingame , or on discord.
      Please send me a private message here to resolve the situation.   Sincerly Bob, And the serenity staff team.

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  1. Dear Serenity Members, I wanna wish you all a happy new years and a few sweet upcoming days! I hope you all have a blast and be save with fireworks! Sincerly Bob Wise
  2. Nice guide @prophet
  3. Dear Serenity Members Here another List of updates that we did We added a buff of the Legendary mystery Box to show you how and what is in it here is a some media There for the box price has gone from $5,00 to $10,00 since the items are super buffed! Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  4. Welcome to serenity @Voxedge
  5. Welcome to serenity
  6. Dear Serenity Members Its finally here! the Elite slayer outfit! statistics and requirements You require at least to be maxed in all skills , 100M Slayer exp and 99 slayer to get the full outfit. Talk to the veteran at home and click through the dialogue. You will need a 100M Coints to make this purchase and the "godslayer" title. you can purchase the "godslayer" title from the loyality title store. when purchased you gain access to the elite slayer outfit. Stats: Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  7. Welcome @rebel marine to Serenity! Enjoy your stay
  8. Dear Serenity Members Here another List of updates that we did We added the new mystery box interface both of these boxes are on the webstore. Fixed pathing its about 50% done but should be alot better afterwards. Building a new Boss for the donator only zone. (surprise until release) Added a bug fix for the red key chest , the bug is fixed now. Added a few activity's at the ::dzone its not finished by a long shot , but now its not empty anymore. Fixed some underlining code and cleaned out most of the old junk. We have a new client available so make sure to download it here. Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  9. Your application is declined
  10. Welcome to serenity
  11. Your application is under Accepted
  12. Dear serenity members Here our update log Added js5 support. Revamped the cache archive. Added new interface button on spellbook. Added abyssal tentacle poison damage + weapon stats. Custom objects are clipped now. added Clipping support for some maps. Added custom SXJ models for particle support. Added evil tree kindling to firemaking skill. Added 2 new maps ::gamble and ::dzone // TODO - Adding objects and data for donators Added version control to the client. Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  13. Dear Serenity Members Here a list of the updates we didadded shift-dropping use the command ::shiftdrop to activate or de-activate it. added a new debug tool to make it easier for developers to scoop id's and indexes. Increased the prices for revenant artifacts , it whas to low so buffed it a bit. We have a new dice zone , Check out the new Dice zone by doing ::gamble . more updates are coming! Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  14. BARROWS Dharok's Helmet 6m Dharok's Platebody 10mm Dharok's Platelegs 8m Dharok's Greataxe 4m Set: 25-30m Guthan's Helmet 1m Guthan's Platebody 1m Guthan's Chainskirt 600k-1m Guthan's Warspear 200k-1m Set: 4-5m Torag's Helmet 250k-1m Torag's Platebody 500k-1.5m Torag's Platelegs 2-3m Torag's Hammers 100-400k Set: 4-6m Verac's Helmet 5-10m Verac's Brassard 400k-1m Verac's Plateskirt 3-5m Verac's Flail 300-600k Set: 5-8m Karil's Coif 300k-800k Karil's top 3-6m Karil's Skirt 1.5-3m Karil's Crossbow 500k-1m Set: 5-7m Ahrim's Hood 500k-1.5m Ahrim's Robetop 5-10m Ahrim's Robeskirt 5-10m Ahrim's Staff 300k-1m Set: 12-15m JEWELRY Ring of Wealth 50M Ring of Stone 5-12m Seers' Ring 5-8m Archers' Ring 12-15m Berserker Ring 10-15m Warrior Ring 1-6m Ring of the Gods 15-20m Treasonous Ring 5-15m Tyrannical Ring 15-20m Amulet of Fury 8-10m Berserker Necklace 4-8m GODWARS Armadyl Godsword 350-400m Bandos Godsword 20-50m Saradomin Godword 15-40m Zamorak Godsword 15-35m Bandos Chestplate 100-150m Bandos Tassets 100-150m Bandos Boots 10-30m Armadyl Helmet 140-160m Armadyl Chestplate 80-100m Armadyl Chainskirt 60-80m Armadyl Crossbow 150-200m Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 50-80m Saradomin Sword 20-60m MAGIC GEAR & WEAPONS Infinity Hat 1-3m Infinity Top 1-4m Infinity Bottoms 1-4m Infinity Gloves 1-3m Infinity Boots 4-6m Master wand 2-4m Mage's Book 4-6m Wizard Boots 8-12m Staff of light 15-20m Staff of the Dead 200-300m Toxic Staff of the Dead 300-400m Trident of the Seas 150-160m Trident of the Swamp 120-160m Malediction Ward 100-150m RANGED GEAR & WEAPONS Robin Hood Hat 20-30m Ranger Boots 20-30m Hand Cannon 15-20m Dark Bow 30-50m Toxic Blowpipe 1.5b-2b Magma Blowpipe 4.5-5b+ Odium Ward 100-150m Zaryte bow 400-500m Fiery bow 3-5b Animal Legs 2b Animal Body 2b Animal Helm 2b Animal Bow 5b+ Melee Gear & Weapons Dragon Claws 150m-200m Serpentine Helm 200m
  15. Dear Serenity Members Here a small list of the updates we did added dwarfen rock cakes to jack's explorer shop deals damage when eaten. We added trickster set to scorpia , and the donation store (website store). we fixed the minor client issue of freezing frames when loading into the game makes the game transistion alot smoother. We fixed the teleport to tormented demons. more updates are coming! Sincerly Bob , And the serenity staff team
  16. Welcome @liradibest to Serenity!
  17. Welcome to serenity @Demo !
  18. Player Commands ::claim - Claims a donation ingame ::shiftdrop - Enables Shift Key dropping ::cw - Teleports you to Castle Wars ::reward #number - Claims a donation ingame ::highscore - Bring your to the online highscores ::gamble - Brings you to the gamble zone ::home - Teleports you to home ::donate - Opens up our donation page ::duel - Teleports you to the duel arena ::wildyskill - Teleports you to wildy skill ::changepassword #newpassword - Changes your current password ::newboss - Teleports your to the new blood reaver boss ::ffa - Joins the free for all pvp lobby (only when a admin starts it) ::kraken - Teleports you to the kraken lair ::maxhit - Shows your characters max hit ::drops - Shows you the npc drop table ::players - Shows the players currently online and some stats ::warriors/::swarriors - teleports you to Serenity Warriors ::edge - Teleports you to edgeville ::varrock - Teleports you to varrock ::lumbridge - Teleports you to lumbridge ::ardy - Teleports you to ardougne ::yanille - Teleports you to yanille ::seers - Teleports you to seers village ::away - Teleports you to the afk spot ::profile #playername - Check the player profile ::skull - Skulls your character ::Droplog - Shows your characters droplog ::answer #answer - Answers the current trivia question ::forum - Opens up a webpage reffering to our forums ::benefits - Opens a page of our donations benefits ::prices - Opens a page of our ingame price guide ::zombie - Teleports you to the zombie minigame ::discord - Opens a link to our discord server ::train - Teleports you to the training area ::setemail #Email - Sets your registered email ::commands - opens this page with ingame commands Donator Commands ::dzone ::dzone A new donator zone is gonna be released for Super donators be patience please ::ezone ::lzone ::uzone
  19. Goodluck on your goals they look sweet
  20. Your appliciation is Accepted
  21. Decision has been made OSRS is staying. Sincerly Bob Wise.
  22. Dear Serenity Players I've put my old source back up which i spend some much time on developing back in the day! This is a test version of the official release , if we decide as a community to step over to the older (more developed source) Check it out and play! Please fill out the poll! Sincerly Bob Wise.
  23. Welcome Port to serenity!