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  2. Player Commands ::claim - Claims a donation ingame ::reward #number - Claims a donation ingame ::highscore - Bring your to the online highscores ::gamble - Brings you to the gamble zone ::home - Teleports you to home ::donate - Opens up our donation page ::duel - Teleports you to the duel arena ::wildyskill - Teleports you to wildy skill ::changepassword #newpassword - Changes your current password ::newboss - Teleports your to the new blood reaver boss ::ffa - Joins the free for all pvp lobby (only when a admin starts it) ::kraken - Teleports you to the kraken lair ::maxhit - Shows your characters max hit ::drops - Shows you the npc drop table ::players - Shows the players currently online and some stats ::warriors/::swarriors - teleports you to Serenity Warriors ::edge - Teleports you to edgeville ::varrock - Teleports you to varrock ::lumbridge - Teleports you to lumbridge ::ardy - Teleports you to ardougne ::yanille - Teleports you to yanille ::seers - Teleports you to seers village ::away - Teleports you to the afk spot ::profile #playername - Check the player profile ::skull - Skulls your character ::Droplog - Shows your characters droplog ::answer #answer - Answers the current trivia question ::forum - Opens up a webpage reffering to our forums ::benefits - Opens a page of our donations benefits ::prices - Opens a page of our ingame price guide ::zombie - Teleports you to the zombie minigame ::discord - Opens a link to our discord server ::train - Teleports you to the training area ::setemail #Email - Sets your registered email ::commands - opens this page with ingame commands Donator Commands ::dzone ::dzone A new donator zone is gonna be released for Super donators be patience please ::ezone ::lzone ::uzone
  3. Goodluck on your goals they look sweet
  4. Your appliciation is Accepted
  5. Right now, getting secondary ingredients can be quite hard and painful for ironmen. I would suggest adding some of the basic secondary ingredients to the ironman shop: Snape grass; Eyes of newt; Limpwurt Roots; Wine of Zamorak; White berries. Thanks.
  6. Hey, pretty new to this server (2 hours old in fact) and thought I'd put up some goals. Will have to see how often I update it though... Red for things I haven't achieved yet, green for those I have, simple - Max Combat (99 attack, strength, defence, prayer, range, mage, hp). - Maxed account (99 runecrafting, agility, herblore, thieving, crafting, fletching, slayer, hunter, mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, firemaking, woodcutting, farming). - Easy Achievements / Medium Achievements / Hard Achievements - Obtain every Barrows item - Obtain Full Void (Mage/Range/Melee) - Obtain all Dagganoth rings (Berserker, Warrior, Seers, Archers) - Make a Dragonfire Shield - Obtain Tanzanite Fang / Magic Fang / Serpentine Visage - Obtain Dragon Warhammer + Dragon Claws - Obtain Ranger Boots / Pegasians / Primordials / Eternals (Hopefully not too many smoulderings) - Obtain all Zenyte Jewelery (Ring/Amulet/Necklace/Bracelet). Will have to update the list when I actually learn whats on this server :^) Lets see how long this takes..
  7. Decision has been made OSRS is staying. Sincerly Bob Wise.
  8. Welcome Port to serenity!
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Port or Daniel. I've been playing RSPS's for 6+ years and have played RS for about 8 years. I've been looking for a new RSPS home to have fun on and this seems like a damn good start. I play mostly at night and on the weekends. I'm currently in the US Army and I love my job. I hope to meet some cool people here to talk with. Thanks! - Port
  10. Dear Serenity Players I've put my old source back up which i spend some much time on developing back in the day! This is a test version of the official release , if we decide as a community to step over to the older (more developed source) Check it out and play! Please fill out the poll! Sincerly Bob Wise.
  11. Your appliciation is under Review
  12. How old are you? : 21 How much time can you effort on a daily basis to be online and active? : i can average anywhere between 5-10 hours, over the last 2 days i have produced 12 hours of activeness Why do you wanna be a serenity staff member, whats your motivation? : I know i haven't been on this server long however i feel like i have made a great connection with those of you who have been on this server for a while and already i am donating lots in order to see it progress as i want it too just as much as you all do too! i may not know as much as some of you however i am a very quick learner. Where are you from? : UK Timezone : UK (GMT + 1) this is another advantage i have as i was on for a good 5 hours before any other staff/dedicated players so i would be able to assist the server for this time whilst those of you aren't online. Country : England Do you have discord : Yes How is your english? : Excellent Do you speak other languages? : N/A Thanks for reading. PK
  13. Nice Zucc , Keep it up
  14. Right now I'm going for 99 def while training slayer
  15. Thanks for the suggestion , ill poll this somewhere next week!
  16. Thats what is whas made for , i like the suggestion , but i'd rather have the this be a thing then not. Thanks for the suggestion!
  17. Thanks for the awesome suggestion . i've noted it down thanks!
  18. Support
  19. Hi there, Im back again with another suggestion, but this time I'm not alone. What about the idea of adding a shop to barrow brothers. The shop will give you points for the duplicates you sell there. Because you always get the stuff you don't need or already have, am I right? With the points you get you can buy the barrow items you need/want to complete your set. If we get a higher playerbase where there will be a steady eco this shop might get irrelevant because you can just trade the items with other players, but for now it will be a great addition to the game I think and so does my fellow player The King think about it. Let us know what you think about this idea in the comments. With kind regards, The King and Tha Mastha
  20. Hey there, Alot of slayer monsters drop herbs, nice right. Ye they drop 3-4 at a time. These drops are unnoted aswell. It would be much more effecient to let these drops be more uncommon, but then you got the drops noted. I think for me it would be worth to pick them up when they are noted. I just want to complete my slayer task aswell quick as possible. And I don't wanna go bank everytime after 5 kills when my inv is full of dropped herbs. Hope that you will do something with this. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. With kind regards, Tha Mastha
  21. hey there, I thought it would be a cool idea to add some super combat potions to the store. And add overloads to the a shop in the donatorzone. And some other food sources (improved for ex. Rocktails) to that shop as will, just to fill it up. I think it would be beneficial for all players. Super combat is a good alternative for overloads. And i think it would make the combat/slayer task a bit faster. Let me know what you think with kind regards, Tha Mastha
  22. Howdy Serenity Players, The currently staff list @Bob Wise Non yet @Bob Wise @Bob Wise Non yet Non yet Non yet @PkAgs Sincerly the serenity Staff team.
  23. Hello Serenity Users Update Patch v1.0.1 We fixed the fog issue being to indept. We fixed the polygon issue that we incountered earlier. Added in server messages. We re-done some of the osrs objects. Fetching data from client input has been fixed. Clicking issue is currently hot fixed. Added the correct anims to skill capes. Added the right animation for pets. Vorkath has been updated and fixed. Sincerly the Serenity Staff team!
  24. Thank you Bob!
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