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    • There should be a deposit box at dungeoneering for IM and UIM's so we can dung without selling our crap  
    • Never said it was impossible. Just said that donor weapons maybe too op in some situations. Thinking in the perspective of a player with less experience of pvp, that magma blowpipe player could have easily picked a new player. I assume you have more experience in pvp? And that was that players own fault for bringing magma blowpipe into the wildy. Gz that was a good loot.
    • Let me tell you a story. I was killing WW with another player like 3 days after I started. I just got full karils and blowpipe. And my friend had the same gear. At around 1000 hp left on the WildyWyrm another player showed up. He had full pernix and Magma BlowPipe. When the ww died I attacked me and I had SPEC on and hit him back so he died. I got his Magma BlowPipe worth 185$ . So its not impossible.   Yours Faithfully   Crazy0G
    • also the slayer rewards ! are pretty neat
    • Slayer was one of the most interesting skills to level up! Considering all the monsters you get to slay (hehe) and all new locations you must go to find the monsters, getting you to discover the server and connecting you with the community while asking for locations. And not forgetting all the loot you can get from all those monsters