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    1. Official Old Serenity Client   (12,302 visits to this link)

      The Old Nostalgia , Serenity a hybrid between RS3/OSRS

    2. Official Serenity OSRS Client   (655 visits to this link)

      For the real oldschool fans , we bring you Serenity Loaded in OSRS.

    1. News and Annoucements

      All the latest news and announcements from the staff team.

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      3 topics
    2. Serenity Updates

      The latest updates to the server and forums will be made here.

      17 posts
      7 topics
    3. Knowledge Base

      All important threads about Serenity-OS can be found here.

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      3 topics
    1. General Discussion

      General discussion about anything to do with Serenity-OS.

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      0 topics
    2. Introductions

      Introduce yourself to the community! Or Say Farewell :'(

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    3. Guides

      Find guides, or make your own for Serenity-OS.

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    5. Clan Headquarters

      Clan recruitment and discussions can be made within these sub-forums.

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    6. Marketplace

      You can purchase or sell in-game items.

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    7. 17 posts
      9 topics
    1. Report a Player In-Game

      Post here a report about a player in-game.

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    2. Report a User on the Forums

      Report a User on the Forums

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    3. Bug Reports

      Send your bug Reports here.

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